Brand your company as supporting greater engagement in our community.

Engage Greater La Crosse resides where the community meets engagement activities – that may be volunteering, networking, supporting community events, or donating.

Our founder, Vicki Markussen, believes that by sharing the stories of our community, people know their friends and neighbors better. We are kinder and more engaged.

We’re not traditional media. Journalism intentionally separates the line between advertising and news. Engage Greater La Crosse blurs that line because the world is blurred. Promoting an event, telling a story about a business, or sponsoring a page of content that serves the public is all, technically, sales/marketing. We believe the public is comfortable with this model if clearly displayed.

Engage Greater La Crosse believes people want to connect and support the community at a deeper level but need guidance on how to do that. Our platform connects them.

Engaged Sponsor (local enthusiast + engaged sponsor)
$1,140 / 3 Months
Engaged Sponsor (annual)
$4,200 / Year
Local Enthusiast (Sponsor)
$2,400 / Year
Local Enthusiast Sponsor + e-Newsletter Advertiser (quarterly)
$660 / 3 Months
Local Enthusiast Sponsor
$1,200 / Year