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Connect with La Crosse Neighborhood Associations

Connect with La Crosse Neighborhood Associations

La Crosse is home to 11 neighborhood groups. While they represent a large portion of the city, there are still some unrepresented areas.  An umbrella organization called the La Crosse Neighborhoods, Inc. (LCNI) allows them...

Coulee Region Business Owners/Key Deciders

Coulee Region Business Owners/Key Deciders

Facebook Group This group unites people working *on* their business that is located in the Coulee Region. Join if you are the owner or control operations, sales/marketing, finance. This group recognizes the need to connect...

Coulee Region Mom's

Coulee Region Mom's

Very Active Facebook Group A safe space for all Coulee Region moms to connect, meet, share advice and wisdom, chat, learn, and get support.

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Yikes! I'm an Introvert!

Start by meeting people one-on-one with coffee.

Choose someone you hear is well connected (or start with me>>) , explain your fear, and they'll likely meet you at a few events where you can shadow them, glean their tips, and they can introduce you. They may also introduce you electronically to a few people.

The 101s of meeting people is to remember, it's not about you. The more questions you ask about them, the more they will like you. Yep, that's how it works.

Where they grew up, their hobbies, do they like to travel, are all great questions.

Ask them who else they recommend you meet.

Follow up with people you met with a *short* email, text and/or LinkedIn connection.

The next time you see them, you'll see what they're up to in order to continue the conversation.

These tips can set you up for success. Always remember, everyone started in your shoes. If you're awkward, explain you're new. People will be kind.


Go Outside Your Circle

Find the events that matter to who you want to meet.

Make a point of meeting three new people and learning one new Volunteer. The larger the company, the more expensive the event typically costs to gain access. Nonprofit causes that are endearing to those individuals gets you in the same room as well.

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