Spend local. Live larger.

You have the greatest impact on our quality of life.

Spend to make La Crosse greater.

You are supporting small, local businesses.

The bootstrap (self-funded) startups.

The local vibe.

Our friends. Our neighbors. Community.

The makers. The do-ers.

Startups investing more time than money. Buyers with more money than time.

The desire to support local.

Your investment creates the connection between the two. The engagement.

Nearly all businesses neglect one thing — marketing. Enter: you. Enter: this plat

How We Use Your Money

  • Creating an engaging internship (or two or three).
  • Retaining students. By working in our local community, they’ll want to stay
  • Enhancing and maintenance of the local, small business directory page – there’s so much more to do
  • Advertising: Collective, paid promotion of these small businesses prior to holidays
  • Providing an online store for projects like local subscription kits, gift baskets, and a low-cost store for startup local makers and sellers.


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