Our Why: Fueling You

We are connected more than ever before, yet we  feel more lonely. We lack meaningful connections.

Communities strengthen when they know our neighbors. It is from understanding that we realize how our actions have impact.

I created Engage Greater La Crosse to tell the bold, inspirational, uplifting stories and the issues happening every day around us. I believe they help fuel our community by connecting us at a deeper level.

When we know each other better, we align our attitudes, our time, and our wallets in ways that cause us all to prosper.


Engage Greater La Crosse is a bit on the cutting edge.

There isn’t another platform like us to launch from, so we’re building it as we go. 

We are like a rocket launching into new skies – exciting and terrifying at the same time.

Let’s have fun!


MULTIMEDIA — audio, video, photos, written

CONTENT MEDIA — resource sharing online

ENGAGEMENT JOURNALISM — you participate in the stories

SOCIAL INFLUENCER — letting a person guide you


STUDENTS — college and high school

BECAUSE engagement sparks passion when the young interact with the young at heart

PLUS .. they fuel the engagement projects our investors make possible


Eventually ....

We’ll have three ways we’re funded:



Once you get the feel for what we’re doing, we’ll show you what a subscription entails. There will always be a free version of Engage Greater La Crosse, but those who invest have greater impact. You’ll get to recommend and vote on stories. At the upper subscription level, you’ll get a deeper dive into leadership and business models in our community – like a business magazine.


2) BRANDED CONTENT (aka a new form of advertising)

Sponsored content is the identified home for the content your business is creating. We can help you create it.



As we meet with businesses, many of them need a little boost to help them get to the next level. That’s where the studio can help them, affordably, until they need more.

Whether it’s special project, setting up an online store, or social media reviewing, the Studio can use our students or founder to help.


Early Adopters

Bless you!

If you love what we’re doing and want it to happen sooner or to help a specific business, we’re open. 

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