Our Why

Fueling You

To engage people through stories and calls to action that help our community thrive.

The high quality of life in our community is impacted by the state of our:

  • jobs & promotions
  • business health - openings/closings
  • housing
  • development
  • education
  • government - safety, transportation, 
  • entertainment / leisure activities

We'll cover and monitor the news impacting these areas and then call on you to engage with it.

We invite you to engage. Engage Greater. Engage Greater La Crosse.



Engage Greater La Crosse is actively engaged in the community - listening and identifying  what is changing around us, and what is needed to move our quality of life forward.

We connect you to ongoing resources to engage that we encounter.

We're identifying the news you need to know to help drive positive change. Plus, as a paid subscriber, we're asking what stories you want covered.


We're combining new forms of journalism to help you understand what's happening and how to engage:

ENGAGEMENT JOURNALISM -- you participate in the stories. Subscribers help determine future stories.

SOLUTIONS JOURNALISM -- driving towards solutions, providing best practices, if they can be found

DATA JOURNALISM -- turning data into stories we can understand


We'll bring you stories you can clearly see impact you and provide steps on how you engage.

We also create a resource hub for other, ongoing ways to engage.


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