#WeAre603: How North La Crosse Developed a Hashtag Brand


How North La Crossed Developed a Hashtag Brand

The North La Crosse Business Association (NLBA) wanted to create a rally cry that unites. It looked to build a brand around a hashtag. But what to choose?

“Pride of the North Side” pronounces the Logan High School marching band. I am a Northsider, proclaim many.

But the NLBA wanted to be a bit bigger than just the land between the river and the march from downtown to the interstate. The organization's board realized it's zip code defines the Northside and slightly beyond. 54603. Anything North of the La Crosse River is in this postal code. Town of Campbell, you are welcome. Mall area, you are welcome. Anyone wanting to improve the entrances to the City of La Crosse, the NLBA wants to engage you. 

The #WeAre603 Hashtag is Born

Hashtags are a way to set a tone. Just as #JustDoIt unites Nike and resilience, #WeAre603 unites the Northside with pride and authenticity.

Join the Brand: Use #WeAre603

Hashtags group similar themed posts around a topic, giving people (like the NLBA) a way to spot your use, grow the brand, and also pick up your post to reshare it. 

By using the hashtag, you help promote the pride of being on the north side.

Adding More #

You can search for trending hashtags using sites such as Hastagify and then use them to boost your visibility. Don't overdue it. 

Capitalization doesn't matter.

  • Twitter likes one or two hashtags
  • Facebook: 1-2
  • Instagram: 5-10
  • YouTube: 2-3. Maximum: 15
  • LinkedIn: 1-2
  • Pinterest: 2-5. Maximum: 20

TIP: You can use hashtags anywhere in your Twitter or Facebook post. Instagram likes them at the end.

INSTAGRAM TIP: Instagram likes hashtags to be below the "show more"  link (aka hiding the hashtag) HOWEVER, the app deletes blank lines, so using another text editor and then copy and paste. You can type a barely noticed character such as a period, then a line break. Do this five times before adding your hashtags.

Again, you're associating your company with a brand. Some additional ones we occasionally use:

  • #LocallyOwned
  • #WomanOwned
  • #VeteranOwned
  • #SmallBusiness (ranked 9th highest on Instagram)
  • #ShopLocal (#10 nationally)
  • #SupportLocal (#31)

NOTE: You must make sure your post is public or it won't be seen by any non-followers.


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Author: Vicki Markussen

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