Growing Our Trades and How it Means More Money for School

Growing our Trades

and how it could mean more money for schools

Several bills working their way through the Wisconsin legislature impact four things you care about:

  1. The quality of your home or apartment
  2. Reducing the cost of your apartment or fixing up and building your home
  3. More money coming to our high schools and colleges
  4. Removing obstacles to building more housing, which keeps markets from surging due to shortages

One word is at the center of what's causing housing prices to skyrocket. Shortages.

Too few workers. Too little development happening, and too few supplies

Our days of learning about supply-demand curves taught us, when there are shortages and people have money to spend, prices increase. Hence, the Associated Press reports that inflation is at a 40-year high with no letup in sight and long-term U.S. mortgage rates hit the highest level in two years

What's Wisconsin's Legislature Doing About It?

There are several bills looking to impact the housing side of the economy:

  1. Improving contractor quality: supported by the industry, changes to contractor certification would help ensure builders receive continuing education needed to keep you safe. Read the bill >>
  2. Paying high schools, colleges, and students to pursue the trades. There's money proposed for:
    1. developing high school trade programs
    2. expansion of college and high school apprentice programs
    3. rewarding students for completing their apprenticeships in college
  3. Identifying barriers to housing development through a new survey. Are you a builder or developer, take it here >>

Celebrating a Federal Success

Reduction by 6% of Tariffs on Canadian Softwood Lumber

Lumber shortages have caused an $18,000 increase in the same home over a one-year period. Read more >>

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