HELP WANTED: City of Onalaska Reports on Hiring (See how you compare)

City of Onalaska Human Resources Reviews Recruiting, Developing and Sustaining a Diverse Workforce

Issues 2021 Annual HR Report

If you're concerned about retaining workforce and want to see what others are offering, this report provides some insight.

Onalaska Human Resources Manager Amy Frandsen issued the department's annual report to the Finance & Personnel Committee and Common Council at the 2021-year end. 

  • Non-Represented Employees (full & part-time) 59% 59%
  • Union Employees (firefights & law enforcement personnel) 43% 43%
  • Seasonal Employees 345% 345%


Eligible to Retire in 2022

# Hired in 2021

# Applicants


Currently, the City offers regular full-time and certain regular part-time employees, the following benefits in which Human Resources coordinates:

  • WI Retirement System – the City pays the expected rates as determined by the State
  • Health Insurance – the City pays 80% (for full-time) of the lowest cost tier 1 plan available • Dental Insurance – the City pays 100% monthly premium costs
  • Life Insurance – the City pays administrative fees
  • Flexible Spending Account – the City pays administrative fees
  • Short/Long-Term Disability – available for employees through Kansas City Life
  • All State Plans - Cancer, Critical Illness and Accident Insurance available
  • Deferred Compensation – North Shore Bank, WI Deferred Comp and Nationwide available
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