Best Wishes Bob Good

Best Wishes

Bob Good


You've seen his work -- eye-catching, electrifying photos that capture the zest of La Crosse's musical acts, businesses, memory-making events, and real estate.

Not sure? Take a look at the gallery website via the link below. We've also included some favorites farther below, and we only scratched the surface.

Bob and his wife recently moved to Hilton Head, SC after moving to La Crosse in 2011. Bob started the photography business just three years before he moved here to be an industrial electrician and maintenance at Torrance Casting (La Crosse) and then Peerless Industrial Group (WInona). Meanwhile, his business Bob Good Photography Studios has captured the heart and soul of La Crosse.

 Bob continues his work as a maintenance manager in South Carolina. Bob calls the move, "Moved from the River to a Really Big Lake."

"I've enjoyed my time in La Crosse," says Bob. "We're excited about living on an island now! We both work hard at our jobs while living in an area that many would expect is where we'd retire," said Bob. "The photography is definitely dialed back. I have a bit of editing to finish up and then hopefully the cameras will capture some of this area."

We're going to miss your fish-eye, mouth open, statement-shirt-wearing, self-portraits as much the subjects you were capturing.

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