Hardest Hit Industries

Based on Sales Tax Collected

March & April 2020


The following is from a report for the Wisconsin Counties Association by Forward Analytics in June 2020 for sales taxes collected in March and April of 2020 when compared to the same months in 2019.

Accommodation -64.1%
Museums/Historical Sites  -63.5%
Performing Arts/Spectator Sports  -61.9%
Clothing and Accessories Stores -56.9%
Air Transportation  -48.5%
Food Services and Drinking Places  -42.2%
Motor Vehicle and Parts Dealers  -27.0%
Furniture/Home Furnishings Stores  -24.9%
Sporting Goods/Hobby/Book/Music Stores -19.4%
Electronics and Appliance Stores  -6.9%
General Merchandise Stores -1.0%
Telecommunications 0.2%
Bldg. Material/Garden Equip. & Supplies  16.2%
Food and Beverage Stores 23.4%
Nonstore Retailers 66.0%

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