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La Crosse Street (aka Hwy. 16) Redo to Add Center Lane, Pedestrian Crossings, Bike Lane in 2022

The DOT’s goals for the project are to reduce crashes and to improve the quality of the road, which has been patched and overlaid several times, accommodate bikes, and improve traffic lights, sewer and water.

The changes will (see PLAN EXIBIT):

  • add a two-way, center turn lane (12′), allowing turning cars to exit traffic flow, reducing rear-end accidents
  • add on-street, concrete biking (two at 5′ each)
  • replace curb ramps
  • add flashing beacon and pedestrian refuge islands for pedestrians at Oakland Street and Hillview Ave.
  • adding pedestrian refuge island without flashing beacon at 23rd & 24th Streets
  • a median island with a bioswale will be added at the west end of the project and bump-outs on side-roads on the east end of the project
  • add street lighting on the north side of the road

Most of the work will be completed within the existing right-of-way but some easements will be needed for curb ramp construction.


What’s Next

  • Design continues through Fall 2021
  • Property purchasing for curb easements: Aug. 2020
  • Private utility relocation design: Aug. 2020
  • Construction Spring 2022 lasting until Fall 2022

Construction is planned for 2022. The highway will be CLOSED during construction in three separate segments.

Access to UW-L, Myrick and Oak Grove Cemetery will be maintained, but may be from only one direction.

The DOT’s project website contains crash data, their plan sheet, a video, and a comment form.



Email with questions/comments. Include your name, address, daytime phone (optional) and email (optional). The project ID is: 7575-07-03

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